Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.We are a community dedicated to remembering the troops fighting for our freedom.

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Thank you to all those who came today, November 29th. We received many donations and filled 65 boxes, which are being sent to Afghanistan.

GIFTS FOR GIs: Fact Sheet


Everyday people; students, clubs, corporate donors.
No one takes a salary from Gifts for GIs.
100% of donations are used to make up & ship the “care packages”.


Gifts for GIs is an organization dedicated to generating community interest, support
and participation in events that demonstrate support for our deployed service men,
women & their families in an effort to let our troops know that they are not forgotten
and that their sacrifice is appreciated.



To be announced.

Westside Village Tavern

contact bortie01@aol.com for more details



Media coverage of our troops who are fighting overseas is almost non-existent
Efforts have to be made to keep them in the forefront
Our troops have to know that they have the support of those they risk their lives for
To say “Thank you” for the freedom we all enjoy each & every day and that we tend to take for granted


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